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I’m looking for a resident of the Moluccas

If you are looking for residents of the Moluccas, the Nationaal Archief has many records that you can consult. The list below is subdivided into the archives of the Dutch government, the archives of the government in the Dutch East Indies, Indonesia and New Guinea, and the archives of private organisations in both the Netherlands and the Dutch East Indies (later Indonesia).

Many of these archives are not accessible to the public. If an archive inventory is followed by one asterisk, you will need to ask the information desk in the reading room for permission to view it. The item can be given to you there and then. If an archive inventory is followed by two asterisks, the procedure is less straightforward. This is related to the privacy of particular personal details.

How do I proceed?

If you are looking for residents of the Moluccas who came to the Netherlands in 1951, you can start your search in the database called De Aankomst: Molukkers naar Nederland. This database contains personal details of the 12,500 or so Moluccans who arrived in the Netherlands on board 12 transport ships.

Below is a list of all the archives at the Nationaal Archief where you can find information about the residents of the Moluccas.

1. Dutch government archives

Ministry of Colonies and successors

  archive inventory periodcatalogue reference
 1Ministry of Colonies1814-1849 2.10.01

Ministry of Colonies
Also contains series of decrees, reports & dispatches (mailrapporten) etc. from the Dutch East Indies

 3Supplement, incl. inv. nos. 20, 21, 48, 129.1826-19522.10.03
 4Handover reports (Memories van Overgave) 1849-1962 2.10.39
 5Public Accounts1901-19522.10.36.04
 6Finding aids Public Accounts *1901-19532.10.36.011
 7Secret Accounts1901-19402.10.36.051
 8Secret Accounts *1941-19572.10.36.052
 9Cabinet indexes, contemporary finding aids for the secret archives *1900-19622.10.36.013
 10Public Reports & dispatches *1901-19522.10.36.02
 11Lists of Non-Secret Reports & dispatches *1901-19522.10.36.03
 12Secret Reports & dispatches *


 13Lists of Reports & dispatches from Secret Reports & dispatches *1914-19522.10.36.07
 14Commissioner’s Office for East Indian Affairs (Commissariaat voor Indische Zaken) *1927-1949 2.10.49
 15Service books of civil servants1836-19272.10.36.015
 16Registration cards of civil servants in the Dutch East Indies1912-19522.10.36.21
 17Political Reports & dispatches from the outer islands of the Dutch East Indies1898-19402.10.52
 18Files archive (1859) *1945-19632.10.54
 19Reports from Indonesia, East Indonesia, inv. no. 629-698; 767-770 *1945-19502.10.29
 20Registers of theIndische Courant (colonial newspaper)1810-19232.10.36.111
 21Registers of the Nederlandse Courant1843-1947
 22Service book registrations of servicemen in the Dutch East and West Indies
inv.nos. 761-804
 23Overseas pensions and one-off payments to Indo-Dutch war victims ... (1944)1945-19932.10.56
 24Foundation for the Administration of Indonesian Pensions
(Stichting Administratie Indonesische Pensioenen, SAIP) *
 25Conduct and Honours Commission of the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army (Commissie Gedragingen en
Commissie Onderscheidingen van het KNIL), Army Commander’s Cabinet* incl. inv. nos. 45, 2890-2906
1945-1950 2.10.58

Other ministries

 archive inventoryperiodcatalogue reference
 Ministries of General Warfare (Algemene Oorlogsvoering) and General Affairs (Algemene Zaken),
Prime Minister’s Cabinet *

2.03.01, incl. inv. nos. 3134 and 3136
on page 90 of the inventory

 Ministry of Home Affairs, department of social care (Afdeling Maatschappelijke Zorg) *1939-19512.04.52, incl. inv. nos. 150, 155, 160
 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Australian Mission (1940) 1942-19542.05.50.02
 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jakarta Bureau (Directie Verre Oosten, DIRVO) *1947-1950 (1955)2.05.52
 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Makassar Commissioner’s Office *(1947) 1950-19572.05.61.04

Field Court Martials etc. Found here in: Supreme Military **
Found here in: Supreme Military Court, Indonesia Chamber

1923-19622.09.19 incl. inv. nos. 49-70; 197; 239
 Ministry of Justice, Immigration and Naturalisation Service policy archives **
No numerical inventory. See pages 257, 276, 283, 293-294, 338, 349, 399,
403, 1179, 1180-1182; 1187; 1205
1945-1955 5.023.5026 
 Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) policy archives ** 1956-19855.023.5027 incl. inv. nos. 594 and 1426
 Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND), Admission of Aliens, Personal Files **
Alphabetical record containing the names of several Moluccans
1945-1985 5.023.5028
 Ministry of the Navy: Naval Commander in Australia,

also Armed forces Second-in-command in the East until 1943


Inv. nos. 10-21 and including inv. nos. 121, 67, 63, 133

 Admiral of the Fleet in Dutch East Indies *1942-19502.13.72
 Naval staff 1945-19482.12.19 
 Dutch Military Mission in Indonesia *1947-19542.13.73
 Implementation of Works Department and its committees
(Rijksdienst voor de Uitvoering van Werken en Commissies, DUW)
 Ministry of Social Services1952-1965 (1970)2.27.02
 Commissioner’s Office for the Ambonese(1924) 1952-19702.27.03
 Advisory board for non-material support for war victims
(Werk- en Adviescollege Immateriële Hulpverlening Oorlogsgetroffenen, WAC)
1975-1979 2.15.26 incl. inv. nos. 38, 56, 200

2. Dutch East Indies, Indonesia and New Guinea government archives

 archive inventoryperiodcatalogue reference
 1Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in New Guinea**1941-1962 2.10.48
 2General secretariat (Algemene Secretarie) and the archives filed with it **1942-19502.10.14
 3Procurator-general of the Dutch East Indies Supreme Court **1945-19502.10.17
 4Office of Population Affairs in Hollandia (New Guinea)1950-19622.10.25
 5Central Security Service (CVD) **1945-1962

Netherlands Forces Intelligence Service (NEFIS)**
Information about Indo-Dutch repatriates

 7Central Social Services Office in Indonesia **1954-19582.27.01.02
 8Cabinet of the Governor of Netherlands New Guinea (1945) *1959-1962
 9 New Guinea, passport administration and assessment of nationality ** 1950-1962no catalogue

3. Archives of private organisations in the Netherlands and the Dutch East Indies (later Indonesia)


  institutions/archive inventoryperiodcatalogue reference
 1 Dutch Reformed Church, Inter-church Council on Government Affairs (CIOM) 1941-1970now in the City of Utrecht archives
 2Central Committee of Church and Private Initiatives for Social Care of the Repatriated (CCKP) 1950-1968now in the City of Utrecht archives
 3Netherlands Trading Society (NHM)* 1824-19642.20.01
 4Royal Packet Navigation Company (Koninklijke Paketvaart Maatschappij) and
the Royal Interocean Lines (Koninklijke Java China Paketvaart Lijnen)(KPM/KJCPL)
1892-1973 2.20.35, incl. inv. nos. 5277-5279
Other catalogue references: 2.20.21 and 2.20.22
 5Royal Packet Navigation Company and the Royal Interocean Lines (KPM / KJCPL)
balance sheets and financial statements

2.20.59, incl. inv. nos. 155-156


Foundation for the Administration of Indonesian Pensions (SAIP) *

1894-1959 2.20.31, incl. inv. nos. 212-213 and 197-199
 7National Action to Support Spijtoptanten in Indonesia (NASSI) *
Contains some Moluccan names
1949-1969  2.20.27

Families and individuals

 family name/archive inventoryperiodcatalogue reference
 1Van Alphen and Engelhard families, acquired in 1896 and 1900 1584-1893
 2Baud family 1585-1985
 3Bik family 1789-1946 2.21.024
 4Du Bus de Gisignies family 1602-1901 2.21.035
 5D.C. Buurman van Vreeden 1939-19542.21.03602
 6Prof. W.P. Coolhaas 1905-1963 2.21.225
 7J.A. van Hamel family *1632-1964 2.21.081
 8J.C. Hamel, clergyman, President of the Moluccan synod *1921-19512.21.255.09
 9Hijnekamp family 1867-1951
 10H.T. Hoffmann 1951-1960 2.21.087
 11’t Hooft family1816-18262.21.004.20
 12W.T. Hunger 1907-1924 2.21.089
 13J.A. Jonkman*1910-19762.21.298
 14H.M. de Kock 1807-1836
 15J.H.A. Logemann 1925-1969 2.21.111
 16H.J. van Mook 1917-1964 2.21.123
 17A.H. Ruibing 1913-1979 2.22.09
 18G.J.C. Schneither 1788-1835
 19G.L. Tichelman  1907-19402.21.097.01
 20 C.J. Warners*1941-19802.21.249

Other sources

Image library:

The Nationaal Archief’s image library contains several collections that may be of interest to you:

  • The Elsevier collection has photographs from the magazinesDe Prins1901-1940 andWereldkroniek1945-1970
  • The former photo agency Anefo (Algemeen Nederlands Fotobureau) has press photographs from the Netherlands and the colonies 1945-1989
  • Dienst Legercontacten Indonesië(Army Contact Service Indonesia) 1946-1950


The publications listed below contain more information that can help you research residents of the Moluccas:

  • Almanak en Naamregister van Nederlandsch Indië(Almanac and register of names in Dutch East Indies), later entitledRegeringsalmanak voor Nederlandsch-Indië(Government almanac for Dutch East Indies), 1849-1942 Landsdrukkerij Batavia. Call number: V 356
  • P. Jobse and C.F. van Fraassen,Bronnen betreffende de Midden-Molukken 1900-1942, The Hague: Institute of Dutch History, 1997, 4 vols., reference library in reading room RGP MOLU
  • M.D. Etmans,De bevolking van Saparoea van 1821 tot en met 1946, (S.l., s.n., 1996), 2 volumes. Call number: 203 F 36 A-B.
  • M.D. Etmans,De bevolking van Banda van 1818 tot 1920: Europeanen en inlandse christenen, uit registers van Kerk en Burgerlijke Stand en andere bronnen gerangschikt in familieverband, met veel vermeldingen van buiten Banda wonende ouders en nazaten, en van vorige en volgende woonplaatsen, (S.l., : s.n., 1998) 2 volumes. Call number: 157 C 37-38
  • M.D. Etmans,De doopregisters van de protestantse gemeente te Ambon, (Ferwert: Etmans, 1999) Call number 178 E 29-30 Vol(s): 1-2
  • P.A. Christiaans,Genealogische bronnen betreffende Europeanen te Ambon, The Hague: Dutch Indies Genealogical Association, 1991.Bronnenpublikaties van de Indische Genealogische Vereniging, no. 1. Call number: V 1099.1.
  • Handboek voor cultuur- en handels-ondernemingen in Nederlandsch-Indië,Vol. nos. 1 (1888) - 52 (1940). Amsterdam: J.H. de Bussy, 1888-1940, Call number: V 815.Vol(s): 1896-1897, 1915, 1919-1920, 1929-1940
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