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About the website

Please use the contact form to report the problem and describe its exact location (web page). This will help us to tackle the problem efficiently.

We welcome you to do so! You can add a link to or to a particular page of our website to your website. In some sections of our site, for instance the photograph collection, you will find ready-made codes for placing an image on your website.

The website only refers to other websites related to the information we display and/or related to our core business. We never link to commercial websites or services.

You can send in your webadress for evaluation using the contact form.

For viewing records in the reading room (free of charge) you need to make an online reservation. For your first reservation, you need to register and create an extended profile on this website. 

If you have not yet created a profile, you need to create one. It is important that you don't forget to fill in your address.

  • If you do have a profile but have not yet entered your address, you will need to log in and complete your profile.
  • If you already have an extended profile, you can simply log in.

When you have logged on into your extended profile, go to ‘Collection’ and search through the archive inventories for the record you are looking for. If you already know exactly what catalogue reference and inventory number you are looking for, you can enter that section straight away. When you have the correct record on the screen, click on it to complete the reservation. Don’t forget to fill in your visiting date.

If you have logged in with an extended profile but are unable to reserve a specific catalogue reference and inventory number, contact our helpdesk using the contact form or call +31 (0)70 3315444.

You will find more information on reserving records in ‘Visiting the reading room’.

The Nationaal Archief and Spaarnestad photograph collections should be seen as a digital presentation of the photo collection. Not all of these photograps are scanned in high resolution. Only high relolution scans can be ordered and added to your shopping cart. The number of images available in high resolution increases every year.

When you want to order a map, always search through the digital map collection first. It lists a selection of the maps that are digitally available (descriptions are in Dutch). If you can’t find the map you are looking for in the digital map collection, you can search through the archive inventories from where you can order a scan of the map you want. See for instructions ‘Ordering reproductions’.

Read the instructions for creating a profile. The most frequently occurring profile problems and their sollutions are described in solutions for a number of problems.

The website of the Nationaal Archief ( only refers to other websites related to the information we display and/or related to our core business. We never link to commercial websites or services.

You can send in your webadress for evaluation using the contact form. is a website of the National Archives of The Netherlands in cooperation with the Society for the National Archives and Spaarnestad Photo.
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