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Overview of service books and other sources relating to servicemen 1795-1950

Overview of service books and other sources relating to servicemen (Army, Navy and Royal Netherlands East Indies Army (KNIL)) for the period 1795-c.1950

This overview is divided up as follows: Period -> Branch of armed forces -> Rank

1795 - 1813

See also the research guide: ‘I’m looking for a serviceman during the time of the French Empire’

Army (Landmacht)

  • Service books of servicemen (army). Catalogue reference 2.01.15, typed index of names: 2.01.16 to 2.01.18 (A-G, H-O, P-Z), supplement: A-E, F-K, L-Q, R-Z and additions/corrections 2.01.34 to 2.01.38
  • Death certificates of servicemen in French armed forces 1792 - 1815. Catalogue reference 2.01.15, typed index of names: 2.01.19 (NB: See introduction for details of how names are alphabetised)
  • Military Pension Records 1795-1810, catalogue reference 2.01.15, typed index of names: 2.01.20


  • Navy service books 1795 - 1813. Catalogue reference 2.01.31, with typed index of names in inventory nos. 1-8. A number of other inventory numbers have handwritten indexes or are in alphabetical order.
  • Ships’ payrolls (and some other registers relating to ships and their crews) of naval authorities during the period 1795-1813. Catalogue reference 2.01.30
  • For officers see also 2.12.14, inventory numbers 10-32

1813 onwards

See also the research guide: ‘I’m looking for servicemen from after 1813’



  • Service books of army and KNIL officers 1814-c.1925/c.1940. Catalogue reference 2.13.04 (1813-1877), typed indexes of names of officers in the Netherlands Army 1813-1924; 2.13.05 A-Jung, 2.13.06 Jung-Z.
  • KNIL A-Z, 2.13.08 supplement 2.13.07
  • Supplement: A collection of service books of officers in the Netherlands army, from the Bureau of Registration and Information on Discharged Personnel (Bureau Registratie en Informatie Ontslagen Personeel (BRIOP)), from the end of the 18th century to c.1940-1950. The archive inventory and index of names can be requested at the information desk in the reading room. Note: This also includes generals and reserve officers.
  • Biographical lists and rank and conduct lists of officers and cadets in the 1st to 17th Infantry Divisions (Afdeling Infanterie), Swiss Regiments (Regimenten Zwitsers) nos. 29-32, Nassau Light Infantry Regiment, Kurassier Division (Regiment Lichte Infanterie van Nassau, Afdeling Kurassiers) no. 9 and Lancers Regiment (Regiment Lansiers), 1817-1824. Catalogue reference
  • Alphabetical index of names in the service books of trainees and medical officers (Officieren van Gezondheid) 1817-1916. Catalogue reference
  • Prisoners of war collection (placement list). Contains small archives, parts of archives and records on Dutch military prisoners-of-war, mainly officers, in Germany during WWII. Catalogue reference 2.13.98

Non-commissioned officers (onderofficieren) and other personnel (minderen)

  • Service books of non-commissioned officers and other army personnel 1813-1924. Catalogue reference 2.13.09 (1813-1924). Indexes of names: organised by army division. Made at the time, handwritten, alphabetical by initial letter of names only. In the inventory, can often be found under the inventory numbers suffixed -A, -B, etc., and always at the end of the series of service books of the army division concerned.
  • Inspection and punishment lists relating to military personnel in the Netherlands army 1904-1923 (1939). Catalogue reference 2.13.66
    NB: In alphabetical order by army division series
  • Inspection registers relating to pay, office costs, forage allowances, bonuses, half-pay and pensions of officers and other personnel in various services, field chaplains, almoners, garrison chaplains, telegraph and postal service personnel and lithographers printing military reconnaissance maps, 1817-1844. Catalogue reference, typed index of names: 2.13.12
  • Lists of recipients of the Metal Cross and the Bronze Medal (including the Citadel Medal) 1831-1834. Catalogue reference, typed index of names: 2.13.42 (2 volumes)
  • Pension records of army servicemen (and civilian personnel) 1813-1927 (-1945). Catalogue reference 2.13.36. Most sections have handwritten indexes of names (alphabetical either by 1st or by 1st and 2nd letter)


All surviving navy service books are described in catalogue reference 2.12.14.


  • Registers of the Naval Officers and Midshipmen Corps (Korps zeeofficieren en adelborsten) 1814-1868, inventory numbers 1-10
  • Cadets and midshipmen (cadetten en adelborsten): see also inventory numbers 115-126
  • Naval officers’ service books pre-1850 (1814-1868), inventory numbers 10-32, typed index of names: 2.12.05
  • Naval officers’ service books post-1850 (1868-1940), inventory numbers 33-82, typed index of names: 2.12.06
  • Flying officers (officieren-vliegers), 1930-1939, inventory number 83
  • Royal Netherlands Navy Reserve (Koninklijke Marine-Reserve), 1894-1940, inventory numbers 84-92
  • Landstorm naval officers, 1914-1919, inventory number 93
  • Fleet chaplains (vlootgeestelijken) and civilian ministers (burgerleraren), 1917-1949, inventory numbers 110-111
  • Pension records of naval officers and lower ranking personnel, 1814-1946. Catalogue reference 2.12.38

Non-commissioned officers (onderofficieren) and other personnel (minderen)

  • General recruitment payroll repository (Soldijrollen Depot Generale Werving) Amsterdam 1813-1814, inventory numbers 139-145
  • Ministry of the Navy (Ministerie van Marine) ships’ rolls and payrolls, 1813-1913, inventory numbers 195-471
  • Enlistment lists of naval crew members (schepelingen), 1814-1829 and 1904-1906, inventory numbers 148-193, typed index of names: 2.12.09

NB: No separate list of lower ranking naval personnel for the period 1830-1859 survives.

  • Service books of naval crew members 1860-1901, inventory numbers 503-533, typed index of names: 2.12.07
  • Service books of marines (mariniers), 1814-1888 (1906), inventory numbers 483-502, typed index of names: 2.12.08
  • Marine conscripts (zeemiliciens), 1868-1922, inventory numbers 536-599
  • Voluntary Reserve (vrijwillige reserve), 1908-1920, inventory numbers 618-121
  • Landstorm 1916-1918, inventory numbers 627-634
  • Clerks (schrijvers) and victuallers (victualiemeesters), 1814-1845, inventory numbers 475-482, 642
  • Colonial Navy (Koloniale Marine), inventory numbers 109, 127-129
  • Marine Directorate (Directie der Marine), Naval Command (Commandement Maritieme Middelen) Willemsoord 1820-1958, catalogue reference 2.12.12, inventory numbers 1128-1162, 1173-1175, 1194-1199 and 1213-1274: various service books, recruitment rolls, pension records etc. (1838-1943)
  • Pension records of naval officers and lower-ranking personnel 1814-1946. Catalogue reference 2.12.38
  • Service books of civil servants in the Dutch East Indies and the Government Navy (Gouvernementsmarine) 1836-1900. Indexes of names: 2.10.06 - 2.10.08

Royal Netherlands East Indies Army (KNIL)

  • Service books of army and KNIL officers 1814-c.1925/c.1940. Catalogue reference: 2.13.04 (1813 - 1877), typed indexes of names: 2.13.07 A-Z, supplement 2.13.08
  • Ministry of Colonies service books and pension records concerning servicemen in the East and West Indies 1815-1950. Catalogue reference 2.10.50
  • General Service Book (Algemeen Stamboek Indië) (‘Linnen Banden’, linen volumes); list of service books of non-commissioned officers and men of the KNIL during the periods (1815) 1832-1876 and 1876-1898. Catalogue reference
  • Foundation for the Administration of Indonesian pensions (Stichting administratie Indonesische pensioenen, SAIP), service book data of KNIL servicemen c.1852-1951 (‘Full Service Book’). Catalogue reference
  • Foundation for the Administration of Indonesian pensions (SAIP), service book data of KNIL servicemen, with Japanese internment cards, 1942-1996. Catalogue reference
  • KNIL Conduct and Honours Commissions (Commissie Gedragingen en Commissie Onderscheidingen), Army Commander’s Cabinet (Kabinet Legercommandant) (1943, 1946-1950, 1952). Catalogue reference 2.10.58 (restricted access)
  • Ministry of Colonies pension payment statements kept during the period 1868-1925. Catalogue reference 2.10.31 (NB: Two series in alphabetical order, one for non-officers and one for officers, the latter also containing comparable civilian personnel)
  • Dutch East Indies pension records 1815-1940. Catalogue reference and indexes of names: 2.10.09

Other sources:

  • Pension records for the years 1814-1935 in the Netherlands Court of Audit archives. Catalogue reference section: Office of Fixed Payments (Bureau Vaste Posten), inventory numbers 1 - 141.
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