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I’m looking for subaltern officers in the province of Holland 1625-1725

Subaltern officers are officers below the rank of major, in other words captains and lieutenants. You can find information about these subaltern officers in the province of Holland during the period 1625-1725 in the archives of the States of Holland and Friesland, and in the archives of the Executive Councils of Holland (Gecommitteerde Raden). The Executive Councils were responsible for the day-to-day administration of the States of Holland and West Friesland. The archives are held at the Nationaal Archief.

How do I proceed?

Request catalogue reference, inventory number 1815 from the archives of the States of Holland and Friesland. This is the index of enlistments, discharges etc. of subaltern officers from 1625 to1725 of the standing army for the repartition of Holland (ter repartitie van Holland staande krijgsmacht)of the Executive Councils of Holland. These are the subaltern officers who had to be paid by the province of Holland.

This index refers to the minute resolutions of the Executive Councils. You can find these resolutions in the archives of Executive Councils, catalogue reference 3.01.05, in inventory numbers 3000A to 3075. The resolutions are in chronological order by inventory number, but a date is not always given. So you may have to search for a while before you find the enlistment you are looking for.


You are looking for Arnold Joost Keppel. Request inventory number 1815 from the archives of the States of Holland and Friesland and then look under K. You will find two entries under the name A.J. Keppel: one dated 30 April 1723 and one dated 18 August the same year.

Look at inventory numbers 3000A to 3075 in the Executive Councils archive and you will see that the year 1723 is located in inventory number 3073. Request this inventory number and find the first entry, his enlistment as Cornet, in folios 180v and 181r. The second entry, an application for six months’ leave, is in folio 354.

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Are you looking for an officer who was below the rank of captain or who was involved in the repartition of another province? If so, you can search the resolutions and commission books of the ‘States’ of these provinces. You will find these in the records office in the capital city of the province concerned. is a website of the National Archives of The Netherlands in cooperation with the Society for the National Archives and Spaarnestad Photo.
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