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Information Centre

The Information Centre of the Dutch Nationaal Archief is the place for an introduction to our vast archival collection. This free-of-charge, modern and fully equipped centre is a perfect starting point to do research. The Information Centre also gives access to the Central Bureau for Genealogy (CBG).


The Information Centre has an extensive reference library. You can find important source editions and general literature on the most popular research topics, such as the Second World War and the Dutch East Indies. It is allowed to bring books from the reference library into the Reading Room.

Online research

A large number of computers are at your disposal in the Information Centre. You can use the computer to search through the online archive inventories, indexes and thematic research guides of the Nationaal Archief. When you’ve found records you want to study, you can directly make an online reservation.

Only a small part of the collection is digitally available, such as part of the photographs-collection, a number of maps, the baptism registers of a few counties within the province Zuid-Holland, etc. To give you an idea which archives are digitally available, see Frequently Asked Questions (Q and A).

Consulting originals in the Reading Room

It is not possible to study original files in the Information Centre. This can only be done in the Reading Room. When you visit the Reading Room for the first time, you need to get a visitor pass at the information desk on presentation of a valid passport. The visitor pass gives you access to the Reading Room where you can study original documents. In order to obtain the records you require, you need to make an online reservation first. It takes approximately half an hour before you can collect your order at the issuing desk in the Reading Room. Please note that it is not allowed to bring coats and bags into the Reading Room. You can find a cloakroom and lockers behind the information desk in the Information Centre. For more information, see our Reading Room rules.

Microfiches and microfilms

In the past, part of the archival collection of the Nationaal Archief has been put on microfilm or microfiche. You can study these documents at the Central Bureau for Genealogy (CBG). The CBG is accessible via the Information Centre. Please note that due to renovation, the microfilms and microfiches cannot be viewed from 10 - 16 December 2013.


In the Information Centre, hostesses are available to assist you. If you have questions about the archival collection or inventories, you can ask one of our archivists at the information desk. is a website of the National Archives of The Netherlands in cooperation with the Society for the National Archives and Spaarnestad Photo.
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