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Extra search options

In the search function you can make your search query more precise by using wildcards, the words AND, OR, or NOT, and quotation marks.

wildcards: * and ?

You can use wildcards to search for variations of words:

  • An asterisk (*) allows you to search for several unknown characters. So by entering ‘photo*’ you will find ‘photo’, ‘photographs’ and ‘photographic’ for example.
  • A question mark (?) allows you to search for one unknown character. So if you enter ‘m?n’ you will find ‘man’ and ‘men’ but not ‘main’.
    Wildcards cannot be used at the beginning of a search term.

Boolean search

Supported search options:

  • AND: 'Rotterdam AND Amsterdam' will find results containing both terms. You can also leave out the AND, since the default setting is to find only results containing all the search terms. So 'Rotterdam Amsterdam' will deliver the same result.
  • OR: 'Rotterdam OR Amsterdam' will deliver results containing at least one of the terms.
  • NOT: 'Rotterdam NOT Amsterdam' will find results containing 'Rotterdam' but not 'Amsterdam'.

Search for an exact phrase

Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase: “Amsterdam school”. This will only find results containing these exact words in this order.

gahetNA is a website of the Society for the Nationaal Archief in cooperation with the Nationaal Archief and Spaarnestad Photo.
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