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Price list



Copy of Registry record and certificate, per set with attachments / hallmarked as certified copy€ 12,10/21,70
Paper copy’s or extracts from other records per set with attachments€ 12,10

Giving on loan to organizations

Preparing records for despatch, excl. insurance costs, rate per half an hour€ 27,00


Made-to-measure entails amongst other things: print or file formats which are not included in the pricelist, reproduction of details from an analogous or digital file, rush orders. Rate per 15 minutes, with a minimum of a quarter of an hour€ 16,75

Photocopy's ordered in the Reading Room 

Photocopy's standard A4€ 0,50
Photocopy's standard A3€ 0,60
Photocopy's full-colour A4€ 0,90
Photocopy's full-colour A3€ 1,50

Scans ordered in the Reading Room

A standard scan costs € 1,50 per scan, 300 dpi, maximum size original A3. Scans ordered in the Reading Room will be sent by e-mail. 
Scan of record€ 1,50
Scan of photograph€ 5,50
Scan map€ 18,00
Printed scan standard A4€ 0,50
Printed scan standard A3€ 0,60
Printed scan full-colour A4€ 0,90
Printed scan full-colour A3€ 1,50

Made-to-measure scanning orders


We charge a base rate of € 16,75 for each individual inventory number.
For records > A2 you will recieve a quote for the additional made-to-measure scanning costs.

You’ll receive scans of standard quality (300 dpi). 

Base rate made-to-measure scanning€ 16,75
Scan (300 dpi, maximum size original A2) (a maximum of 250 scans per inventory number)€ 0,00
Scan of a document > A2. Delivery via wetransfer€ 18,00
Merging 2 digital files into 1 image€ 6,00 is a website of the National Archives of The Netherlands in cooperation with the Society for the National Archives and Spaarnestad Photo.
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