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Price list



Copy of Registry record and certificate, per set with attachments / hallmarked as certified copy€ 12,10/21,70
Paper copy’s or extracts from other records per set with attachments€ 12,10

Giving on loan to organizations

Preparing records for despatch, excl. insurance costs, rate per half an hour€ 27,00


Made-to-measure entails amongst other things: print or file formats which are not included in the pricelist, reproduction of details from an analogous or digital file, rush orders. Rate per 15 minutes, with a minimum of a quarter of an hour€ 16,75

Photocopy's ordered in the Reading Room 

Photocopy's standard A4€ 0,50
Photocopy's standard A3€ 0,60
Photocopy's full-colour A4€ 0,90
Photocopy's full-colour A3€ 1,50

Scans ordered in the Reading Room

A standard scan costs € 1,50 per scan, 300 dpi, maximum size original A3. Scans ordered in the Reading Room will be sent by e-mail. 
Scan of record€ 1,50
Scan of photograph€ 5,50
Scan map€ 18,00
Printed scan standard A4€ 1,80
Printed scan standard A3€ 2,20
Printed scan full-colour A4€ 2,30
Printed scan full-colour A3€ 3,30

Made-to-measure scanning orders


Made-to-measure orders for scanning always require preparatory research by an employee of the Nationaal Archief (to prepare records for despatch, make an estimation of extra research - if necessary - and the number of scans). We charge a base rate of € 16,75 administrative costs for each individual inventory number.
After the customer has agreed on the price quoted, the scans and research time will be invoiced separately. You’ll receive scans of standard quality (300 dpi). 

Base rate made-to-measure scanning€ 16,75
Placing scan (300 dpi,  maximum size original A3) in ‘My profile’€ 1,50
Scan of map A4 (tiff-format). Delivery via wetransfer€ 18,00
Merging 2 digital files into 1 image€ 6,00

Prints of digitally available material 

Print =< A5€ 11,00
Print =< A4€ 12,50
gahetNA is a website of the Society for the Nationaal Archief in cooperation with the Nationaal Archief and Spaarnestad Photo.
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