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Searching the database

The purpose of this website is to help emigrants and their families in the Netherlands and Australia in their search for their 'roots'. There are two ways to find records of emigrants who migrated between 1946 and 1991: a quick search on the home page or an advanced search.

Quick search on the home page

On the home page of ‘From the Netherlands to Australia’ you can search by typing in the surname of the person you are looking for. If you are not sure of the name you can type in part of the name. You do not have to use any special characters such as asterisks or question marks. You do not have to type in prefixes such as ‘de’.

Example 1: You are looking for someone called Janssen. You are not sure whether this person is registered as ‘Jansen’ or ‘Janssen’. Type in the name ‘Jans’ and then click on ‘Quick Search’.

Example 2: You are looking for someone called ‘van Doorn’. You do not have to type in prefixes, so you search by typing in ‘Doorn’.

NB: The database contains only the names of the ‘heads’ of the family/group. The names of the other members of the family are contained on the emigration cards themselves. You cannot search with these names.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search tool offers you more search options. You can search by surname, as described above under ‘Quick Search’; but if you do not know the exact name there are also several other options. For example, you can search by date of birth. If you know how the person you are looking for travelled to Australia, you can select the name of the vessel or the airline. You can also search by year or by period of arrival in Australia. For period of arrival you can only fill in the date ‘after’ or ‘before’. For date of birth you can also search with just part of the date, for instance only a day, month or year. Finally, you can search by source of the card: the consulate where the emigration card was filed (Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane).

Do you want to see all the names of people who emigrated to Australia? Then you can select Browse in the alphabetical list of names of all emigrants.

Didn’t find anything?

You can’t find the person you are looking for? Then try one of the following methods:

  • Search with part of the name you are looking for instead of the whole name. The name may be incorrectly spelt in the database.
  • Use the extra options available in Advanced Search such as searching by means of transport or date of birth. You do not have to fill in all particulars.
  • Browse through the list of all emigrants, available on the ‘Advanced Search’ page.

If you still cannot find the person you are looking for in spite of these search options, it is possible that this person is not included in the database. You could continue your search in the Australian migrant records. Go to the website of the National Archives of Australia.

Search results

The search results show the names of all the persons who match your search query, in alphabetical order. If you click on the name of a person you will go to the details page for that person.

If there are many results, they are divided over several pages. At the bottom of the page with the search results you can see how many pages there are. To go to another page, click on the relevant page number. You can also browse by means of the ‘previous’ and ‘next’ hyperlinks beside the list of page numbers.

Details page

The details page shows all the data contained in the database about this person. You will also find a link to the order form which you can use to order a #todo copy of this person’s emigration card.

You can use the ‘Search results’ link on the left to go back to the search results.

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