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Suriname: Contractarbeiders uit India (Hindostanen)


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Arbeid op Contract: Hindostaanse immigranten in Suriname
25687 results found
Search result: 25687 found
AA/15Raghoburzoon van A/14
B/114Foleeadochter van B/111
B/115Man...geeadochter van B/111
B/123Cheelyzoon van B/121
B/132Kulloozoon van B/130
B/133Joomunzoon van B/130
B/136Mooneeadochter van B/135
B/158Prayagzoon van B/156
B/180Muckdoomzoon van B/179
B/1806Soorjydochter van B/1804;B/1805
B/1808Nusseebundochter van B/1804
B/181Hossenbocuszoon van B/179
B/1817Ra...wotarzoon van B/1816
B/1833Raneeadochter van B/1831;B/1832
B/1834Seepersaudzoon van B/1831;B/1832
B/1835Sooknundonzoon van B/1831;B/1832
B/1853Chotoozoon van B/1852
B/1857Joomahzoon van B/1855
B/1908Soo...ydochter van B/1907
B/1910J...bothzoon van B/1909
B/1912Sookheeazoon van B/1909
B/1918Bhojowahzoon van B/1917
B/1920Punchunzoon van B/1919
B/1928...onnydochter van B/1927
B/1938Sewrayzoon van B/1936
B/1939Dookhyzoon van B/1936
B/1940Boodheeadochter van B/1936
B/1948Bachydochter van B/1946;B/1947
B/1951Sookheeadochter van B/1949;B/1950
B/1958Basseeadochter van B/1956;B/1957
B/1961Patandinzoon van B/1959;B/1960
B/1962...neeadochter van B/1959;B/1960
B/1975Moneealzoon van B/1974
B/1976Jeemzoon van B/1974
B/1985Gajeedinzoon van B/1985
B/2007Ekbureeadochter van B/2006
B/2014Luchoomunzoon van B/2012;B/2013
B/2015Jharjeezoon van B/2012;B/2013
B/2019Narainzoon van B/2016
B/2020Etwaroodochter van B/2016
B/2021Boodheeadochter van B/2016
B/2022Sumoreeadochter van B/2016
B/2035Mangroozoon van B/2033
B/2041Goolsoomeeadochter van B/2038
B/2047Ramawotarzoon van B/2044
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