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Aankomst van de Rolling Stones op Schiphol op zaterdagmorgen 8 augustus 1964 om …

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Aankomst van de Rolling Stones op Schiphol op zaterdagmorgen 8 augustus 1964 om …

  • Aankomst van de Rolling Stones op Schiphol op zaterdagmorgen 8 augustus 1964 om …

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This is a detail of, which is open data (Creative Commons license). Why is this not? Also the given date for this shot differs from the one given for the complete image. The other says "August 8", this one "August 9".

This image is linked to the Spaarnestad imagebank and part of the Spaarnestad collection, our partner on this website. The image you refer to is part of the Anefo photocollection and linked to the Nationaal Archief imagebank. Maybe a bit odd, but that is the situation at the moment. Only the images linked to the Nationaal Archief imagebank have been edited for copyrightissues.

What do you mean, they "have been edited"? I can't find several great photos of the Rolling Stones that I recently uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, because they had a free Creative Commons license. I was very happy to finally find free photos in good quality of the early time of the band history for use in a Wikipedia article. I spent lots of time to edit them, to remove scratches, spots etc and am working on another image right now. Now I found the links, that refer to the pages of this website as a source didn't work anymore and when I tried to find them to fix the problem, they were gone. Why?

Thanks for bringing the images back. :) I was a little worried for about a day, since I thought they might not be under the free Creative Commons license after all, when you mentioned "copyrightissues". I see, it's only a different CC BY-SA 3.0 license now (not CC BY-SA 3.0 NL anymore). My first hint at the supposedly wrong date for this image remains, though.

Oh, and thank you for providing so many of your images with CC BY-SA 3.0 licenses! That's great!

Dear anonymous,

With "editing" we mean that we publish photos under a CC-BY-SA license. This is the case for ALL photographs of which the National Archives hold the copyrights. This editing has nothing to do with the photo itself or the contents. Only that we add a label to the description of the photos in our recordsystem. Maybe our English is insufficient for which we apologize.

Last weekend (sunday tot monday) there was a technical hick-up. Due to this hick-up quite some images including the "creative commons-licenced" images ( were offline for one day. This hitch has been restored and the images are back online.

Best regards,

Tim de Haan, Nationaal Archief

Thanks for your explanations. It's clear to me now. I see, other than what I thought in my third post, that the licenses are still they same CC BY-SA 3.0 NL, I only was on the English version of the site with the English license text and hadn't noticed that difference before... Since we are already in conversation, I have another question regarding some of the images, like for example the mentioned There is something on them that looks like a kind of stamp, which I have cut or retouched in the files I uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. I wonder what it is. It seems a bit odd to stick a stamp on a photograph, so it's maybe something different?

You will encounter this kind of stickers or stamps often in our collection. They were used on glass negatives and positives and carry a registration number

Okay, so it's really no postage stamp. I thought it looked like one, but since that didn't make any sense, I asked.

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