gahetNA in the National Archives presents the rich and extensive collection of records at the Nationaal Archief. More than 110 kilometres of documents, 14 million photographs and almost 300,000 historical maps. From crucial government documents to the private correspondence of influential citizens and normal Dutch people, read about them in the lees het NA magazine (in Dutch only) or research them on the gahetNA website.

Where is the document that forms the basis of our democracy? Where is the receipt for Manhattan, which was exchanged for goods worth a mere 60 guilders in 1609? Where can you see Queen Juliana’s Deed of Abdication? Or find out what your forbears did in the World War II? The answer: in the Nationaal Archief!

The website gives you interactive access to the archives. It presents and explains some of the best and most interesting records in the Nationaal Archief. The archives offer a wealth of information, but it is often fragmented without context. enhances this collection with commentary and images; images that have been made available online in collaboration with Spaarnestad Photo. But gahetNA is not just a website and a magazine. We are working hard to help you explore our unique collections in many ways, both online and here at the archives. So keep watching this website and get the most out of the Nationaal Archief!

gahetNA is a website of the Society for the Nationaal Archief in cooperation with the Nationaal Archief and Spaarnestad Photo.
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