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Japanse interneringskaarten, Surname: Hake (フオル デル ハッケ)

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Surname Hake (フオル デル ハッケ)

Given names Deodatus (デオダ[ト]ス)

Infix vor der

Date of birth 1913-11-25

Nationality Netherlands (蘭)

Rank (歩兵 中尉)

Stamboeknr n/a

Place of capture バンドン; Bandung

Date of capture 17/03/08; 1942/03/08

Occupation n/a (農園(茶)事務員; Clerk of tea farm)

Place of origin Pematang Siantar (S.O.K.) (n/a)

Destination report (n/a)

Remarks Pers -

Camp and transfer date 1 爪哇 [17/03/08]17/08/15; Java POW Camp [1942/03/08]1942/08/15

Camp Branch Name and Reg No. 1 爪II (ジャワ俘虜収容所第2分所) 748; No.2 Branch Camp of Java POW Camp 748

Camp Branch Name and Reg No. 2 爪I (ジャワ俘虜収容所第1分所) 22836; No.1 Branch Camp of Java POW Camp 22836

Camp Branch Name and Reg No. 3 爪本 (ジャワ俘虜収容所本所) 6491; Main camp of Java POW Camp 6491

Other info 1 The transport ship was torpedoed and he went missing, Junyo-maru;
KA19 P.3-55;
Time of incident: 18:30-18:45 on 18 September 1944;
Location of sinking: 2° 53′ S 101° 11′ E. Off coast of Sumatra; (船舶輸送中雷撃を受け行方不明 順洋丸;
KA19 P.3-55;
遭難時期 19.9.18 18時30分-18時45分;
遭難位置 S2°53′ E101°11′ スマトラ沿岸;)

Other info 3 22836


Reference Nummer toegang:, inventarisnummer: 431

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