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Japanse interneringskaarten, Surname: Bartels (バルツス)

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Surname Bartels (バルツス)

Given names Max (タルス マッキス ハカセ)

Date of birth 1902-05-07

Nationality Netherlands (蘭)

Rank (予 歩 一等兵)

Stamboeknr 95702

Place of capture シマツカブミ; Sukabumi

Date of capture 17/03/08; 1942/03/08

Occupation (動植物研究者)

Place of origin (n/a)

Destination report (n/a)

Remarks pers 81990

Camp and transfer date 1 爪哇17/08/15[06/23]; Java POW Camp 1942/08/15[06/23]

Camp and transfer date 2 泰; Thai POW Camp

Camp Branch Name and Reg No. 1 爪I(ジャワ俘虜収容所第1分所)5592 [20336]; No.1 Branch camp of Java POW Camp 5529 [20336]

Camp Branch Name and Reg No. 2 泰I (タイ俘虜収容所第1分所) 20028; No.1 Branch camp of Thai POW camp 20028

Other info 1 Transferred to No. Branch camp of Thai POW Camp on (no date), 1943;
Died on 6 October 1943 (JA.79 P.5931);
Died from malaria at 13:30 on 6 October 1943 (Burial);
Fell ill on 6 August 1943;
Place of death: No.2 Detached Camp of Thai POW Camp at Chungkai village, Kanchanaburi county, Kanchanaburi prefecture, Thailand;
Disposal of remains: Burial. Buried at Chungkai Cemetery (VA37); (昭和18年_月_日泰俘虜収容所第_分所へ移管す;
昭和18年10月6日死亡(JA.79 P.5931);
18.10.6 マラリアにて死亡す(土)13時30分;
死亡場所: 泰国カンチャナブリー県カンチャナブリー郡チョンカイ村、泰俘虜収容所第2俘虜病院;
屍体処理: 土葬 チョンカイ墓地に埋葬(VA37);)


Reference Nummer toegang:, inventarisnummer: 418

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