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Japanse interneringskaarten, Surname: Ankerman (アンケルマン)

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Surname Ankerman (アンケルマン)

Given names Jan Geert (イヤン ハリト)

Date of birth 1906-03-02

Nationality Netherlands (蘭)

Rank (陸軍 砲兵 中尉)

Stamboeknr n/a

Place of capture ジャワ バンドン; Bandung, Java

Date of capture 17/04/09; 1942/04/09

Occupation (貿易社員)

Place of origin (n/a)

Destination report (n/a)

Remarks Pens.715

Camp and transfer date 1 爪哇 17/05/31; Java POW Camp 1942/05/31

Camp and transfer date 2 泰; Thai POW Camp

Camp Branch Name and Reg No. 1 爪I (ジャワ俘虜収容所第1分所) 15989; No.1 Branch Camp of Java POW Camp 15989

Other info 1 [Departed to be transferred to Thai POW Camp on 29 October 1942];
Departed to be transferred to Thai POW Camp on 29 October 1942;
[Details are unknown although his name is found on Java POW Camp roster of 1944];
Fell ill on 27 December 1942;
Died of dysentery at 10:45 on 27 December 1942 (JA71 P.404);
Place of death: Rangoon POW Camp;
Disposal of remains: Cremation; ([17.10.29泰俘虜収容所へ移管のため出発す];
17.10.29. 泰俘虜収容所へ移管のため出発す;
昭和17年12月27日赤痢にて死亡 10時45分 (JA71 P.404);
死亡場所: ラングーン俘虜収容所;
屍体処理: 火葬;)

Other info 3 FIRST LIEUT

Translator notes (Translator's note) No.3 Branch Camp of Zentsuji POW Camp, No.2 Branch Camp of Hiroshima POW Camp and No.13 Branch Camp of Fukuoka POW Camp were one and same camp at Isoura, Niihama city. This camp was often renamed.


Reference Nummer toegang:, inventarisnummer: 417

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