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Japanse interneringskaarten, Surname: Aalst (ファン アールスト)

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Surname Aalst (ファン アールスト)

Given names Ijpe Cornelis (アイプ コルネリス)

Infix van

Date of birth 1901-04-26

Nationality Netherlands (蘭)

Rank Sergeant Infanterie (歩兵 軍曹)

Unit Landstormafd.Bandoeng N.I.210001

Stamboeknr 210001

Place of capture バンドン; Bandung

Date of capture 17/03/08; 1942/03/08

Occupation n/a (玄関係; door man)

Father's name van Aalst, Cornelis, Karel

Mother's name Van Aalst, Sietske

Place of origin Bandoeng (n/a)

Destination report Mevr.A.v.Aalst. Tjisaroeaweg 817. Tjimahi (n/a)

Remarks pers 66569

Camp and transfer date 1 爪哇17/08/15 [03/08] ; Java POW Camp 1942/08/15 [03/08]

Camp and transfer date 2 馬来; Malay POW Camp

Camp Branch Name and Reg No. 1 爪II (ジャワ俘虜収容所第2分所)2952; No.2 Branch Camp of Java POW Camp 2952

Camp Branch Name and Reg No. 2 爪I (ジャワ俘虜収容所第1分所)22941; No.1 Branch Camp of Java POW Camp, 22941

Camp Branch Name and Reg No. 3 馬II (マレイ俘虜収容所第2分所)19502; No.2 Branch camp of Malay POW Camp 19502

Other info 1 Departed to Malay POW Camp on 7 November 1943;
Died on 28 May 1945, JA.263 P. ;
Died of Chronic Colitis at 13:50, Death certificate not available;
Fell ill on 16 May 1945;
Hospitalized on 17 May 1945, Chronic Colitis;
Place of death: No.2 Branch camp of Malay POW Camp Hospital, Palembang;
Buried at Cemetery No.2 Branch camp of Malay POW Camp, Palembang; (18.11.7 馬来俘虜収容所へ出発;
昭和20年5月28日死亡 JA.263 P. ;
慢性腸炎にて死亡 死亡診断書なし 午後1時50分;
昭和20年5月17日入院 Chronic Colitis;
死亡場所: パレンバン馬来第2分所病院;


Other info 3 22941


Reference Nummer toegang:, inventarisnummer: 417

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